Friday, November 6, 2009

A letter from a Cincinnati 912 Project Member

Representative Boehner:
It is the blood of citizens who love this nation and its Constitution that has moistened the earth throughout this nation’s history. It is their blood that soaks into the soil of Iraq and Afghanistan today. It is they, their parents and grandparents, their children, their brothers and sisters who arrive in their nation’s capitol today. It is they who rally on the capitol steps and seek out their representatives to tell them "NO", "NO" to nationalizing the nation’s health care system, "NO" to a Cap and Trade Tax, "NO" to ignoring Constitutional Restraints imposed on the federal government.

These citizens who show up in Washington today come out of concern for their nation and its Constitution. They have taken funds from their meager savings to travel to their nation’s capitol. They have left their lives on hold and taken time away from their families and their jobs to travel to their nation’s capitol to express the sense of dread they have for the future of their nation and the future of their children. For each citizen who has traveled to their nation’s capitol today, there are thousands whose spirit they carry with them, mine among them.

These citizens who show up in DC today do not come out of hate, or even fear. They come out of concern for their nation and their nation’s Constitution. They come out of disappointment; they come for lost confidence in their representatives. They come because of the call they hear as their nation and their nation’s Constitution calls out for help, for protection from the assault upon it from members of Congress who neither understand nor appreciate the unique nature of this great nation, this great nation that simple citizens of the world see as a "Shining beacon on the hill."

Probably what most motivates these citizens arriving in their nation’s capitol today and so infuriates those whose sentiments they carry with them is the sense of disgust that is felt as protected and pampered members of Congress poise themselves to "ram down the throats of citizens" a nationalization of the nation’s system of health care and a Cap and Trade Tax that will so damage our nation, if not literally destroy her. They come out of a realization of the unfunded mandates that same Congress has imposed on our nation through a congressional monopoly over Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They come knowing that Congress has diverted reserves from Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds to other purposes. They come to say "NO" to expanding congressional monopolies over health care and the nation’s energy resources.

These citizens arriving today are the Minutemen and Women of this generation. When they arrive, welcome them, do not hide in alcoves, behind assistants or in some shady lair. Look into their eyes, for they are the Minutemen and Women of this nation’s generation. Take solace from their presence and act with them to defend our nation and our nation’s Constitution from assault within, from enemies domestic. It is their and the blood of their brethren that gave birth to this nation and has protected and nourished her and her Constitution throughout her two hundred plus years of existence. Step up to the challenge and join them in defending her today. Step up to the challenge and thank the Lord that citizens such as these still exist to lead the way today.

Emmette Boone
College Corner, OH

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