Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let your voice be heard! Often.

How many times have you overheard a one-sided cell phone conversation where someone is complaining about something that just happened to them. You hear this sort of thing at the mall, your workplace, the grocery store or a sporting event. They even have a special number to call to rat out an obnoxious fan that might spoil your experience at a game. In trying times like these we just can't afford to have some jerk make us miss the play that won the game! No matter what the situation we have to call someone on our speed dial to vent our frustrations.
What about your freedoms? Have you noticed lately how many of them are slipping away? Ever feel like complaining about that? We can complain about the things that really matter to our elected officials any time we please. All you have to do is save the numbers of your US Senators and US Representative on your cell phone and make the call. It only takes 30 seconds. How awesome would that be if they heard from us each time we were pissed off about paying too much taxes, wasteful spending, loosing our freedoms, or maybe when we think our civil rights have been eroded or violated?
I have those very important numbers on my phone and I urge you to do the same. Instead of saying someone should do something about that, be that someone, make the call. It sure makes me feel better than just yelling at the TV or radio.
When you call, be polite and calm. They will be much more likely to listen to your talking points. After all, the politicians always say "feel free to contact me anytime."

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