Monday, July 20, 2009

National Health Care

Sure, everyone would like to get something for free. But anything handed to us by the grace of the federal government is only something we have already paid for ourselves. The only money the government has, has come from taxpayers of this country. The $1.5 trillion health care plan the Obama administration is currently lobbying for will bankrupt this country.

They (Washington progressives) want to tax the wealthiest five percent (who already pay 70% of all taxes collected) an additional amount to pay for a universal health care program. This tax will create $500 billion according to studies by the Congressional Budget Office. Where will the other $1 trillion come from?

More than likely we will all see an additional column on our pay stubs where more money is sucked from our economy and handed over to the socialists who think they know what is best for us all. Meanwhile we will have fewer choices about our lives, health, standards of living and the freedoms that make this country great.

Why the rush? Obama wants this plan to be approved before the summer break.
What would be the harm in looking this plan over and debating the pros and cons of it. Are the Democrats worried that it will fail after we get a chance to see its flaws? The Democrats will more than likely blame the failure on the "scare tactics" of the Republicans. Ridiculous! They already have a majority capable of voting it into law even if all the Republicans vote no. What are they waiting for?

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  1. McCain's health care is or was a change plan but Obama's health care is a patch up on the current.Under His reform health care will not be solved, it will get worse.Scientifically speaking no result is good when there is a rush macanism,as a blue collar machine operator I see that at my work.