Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Cap-and-Trade Nonsense

The cap-and-trade legislation has such a far reaching effect on our everyday lives, that it destroys freedoms that previous generations have fought long and hard to preserve. This bill will affect every item on our store shelves since it takes energy to produce it and energy to put it there.
If this bill passes the cost of products world-wide will escalate to offset the CO2 permit manufacturers will have to buy to stay in business.

This is an indirect tax we will all pay. Once all the limited permits are sold by the federal government, there will be no more to be had. Large corporations are lining up to buy them all (like tickets to a sold out concert). If you are starting a new business and you cannot get a CO2 permit, you will be forced to close your doors or go overseas to do your manufacturing. When your product arrives in this country it will have tariffs attached to it because it was produced in a country that has not signed on to the climate change agenda.
Our federal government will grow in size to include investigators to determine what percentage of each imported product was made in a country that does not cap CO2 emissions. More wasted tax dollars, more big government.

Selling your house will become more difficult too. All home sales that receive government loan assistance (FHA ,GI,HUD) must meet new energy efficiency standards. Homes for sale must be 30% more energy efficient which may require the homeowner to replace the furnace, a/c, water heater, appliances and light fixtures with new light bulbs. Yes, they are even telling us what kind of light bulbs we must use! At this moment, thousands of homes are owned by our nation's banks who are already on shaky ground. The last thing they need is another reason to make it more difficult to reduce their enormous debt.

Trees that are planted on new construction sites have federal guidelines as well. The cap and trade bill legislates how and where trees are planted that are used to shade a building to reduce energy use. There will also be a new educational program on how to plant trees. Its a wonder we ever heard of Johnny Appleseed.

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